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Backwood Distilling Co.

Single Malt Whisky, Vintage Tawny (Batch 12)

Single Malt Whisky, Vintage Tawny (Batch 12)

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Indulge in a journey through time with our Single Malt Whisky, Vintage Tawny (Batch #12). Crafted with the finest Australian malted barley and matured in authentic Rutherglen vintage tawny casks, each sip is a testament to tradition and innovation. Crafted Heritage: Over four decades ago, these exceptional casks began their journey at Corio Distillery, where they cradled the promise of fine whisky. After the distillery's closure, they found refuge in the tranquil cellars of Rutherglen wineries, maturing luscious Tawny for over 40 years. Resilience and Legacy: With careful consideration and reverence for the past, we reclaimed these seasoned casks, breathing new life into their weathered staves. Now, Batch #12 embodies the enduring legacy of Victorian fortifieds and whiskies, offering a taste of history with every sip. Savour the Experience: From the bustling halls of Corio Distillery to the serene vineyards of Rutherglen, each bottle of our Vintage Tawny Single Malt Whisky carries a story centuries in the making. Join us in raising a glass to craftsmanship, heritage, and the timeless art of whisky-making. Experience the unparalleled taste of tradition with our Single Malt Whisky, Vintage Tawny. Add it to your collection today and savour the essence of Victorian terroir in every drop.


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