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Sunshine & Suns

Australian Vodka

Australian Vodka

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A pure, clear, volcanic rock-filtered vodka with a short memory for bad days.
There’s something special about the Sunshine Coast — the freedom, simplicity and a sense of clarity. It’s pure, fresh and crystal clear — like a great vodka.
Pot-distilled in the hinterland rainforest, our vodka is gravity filtered through millennia old volcanic rock, sourced on the Sunshine Coast — a filtration method simply incomparable to any other, giving our Vodka more texture and structure throughout the Spirit.
Style | Vodka - ABV | 38% - VOL | 700ml - Visual | Clear and pure - Aroma | Very bright, lifted, touches of chilli & pepper.
Palate | Soft, pristine, spongy texture, Gluten Free

Sunshine & Sons

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100% produce of Australia

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